Join the Antioch Chamber of Commerce

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: $175 (for Profit) or $50 (non Profit)

Payment Choices:

  1. New Members One Time Payment with credit card or check in the full amount when applying;
  2. "Easy Renewals"* -  You may pay for the full amount or give us your credit card to put on file and will automatically be charged $14.58 per month with an *automatic renewal for the next calendar year. By using "Easy Pay"* for convenience, you must agree to a full 12 month membership with the Antioch Chamber of Commerce. Please provide 60 days notice, in writing, if you want to end your membership for the next calendar year. If you decide not to Renew, please submit this in writing 60 days before the end of the calendar year. If there was no confirmed notification and your business appears in Antioch's Annual Printed Community Guide, you will be responsible for a $125 Guide Listing Fee for that year.


Any reputable business or association interested in the promotion of the civic, commercial, and industrial growth of Antioch trade shall be eligible for membership. Please fill out the information below to join. New Members joining after January of the year and paying their membership in full, will have their dues credited towards their next year's renewals, as appropriate. (Example: if joining in June of the year, they will pay the full $175 and have a credit of $87.50 towards their next year's dues renewal.)

If joining online, please submit your application with credit card number to pay your membership fee.

*$14.58 per month dues is based on a minimum of a one year renewal commitment with automatic monthly credit card billing. Written cancellations required 60 days in advance after the initial 12 month commitment.

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